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You may find some frequently asked questions here. If the exact answer to your question is not here, please visit our Service Agreement to see the detailed service terms that may answer your questions. Feel free to contact our Call Center if you cannot find your answers on our website.

Sure. Tickets can be purchased through our call center at +1 (647) 477-5500.

Our bus operators can sell tickets at the point of departure only if seats are available for the trip. Tickets can be purchased from the driver only in CASH. The guest must carry the EXACT CHANGE as the driver doesn’t carry change.


The recommended methods for ticketing are online through our website or over the phone through our call center to ensure you will have a seat.


If you are at the stop, you can purchase a ticket any time before the departure time from the website if the trip is not sold out.

On our Routes page, you can find an interactive map showing all our stop locations with detailed descriptions. Please note that pick-up and drop-off stops may be at separate locations on Eastbound and Westbound trips. Sometimes, the stops are too close to each other and may look like a single point on the map. To ensure you are waiting at the right stop, please zoom in the map as much as you can to see all the stops around that area and click on the bus icon to read the clear stop description.


The bus pickup location is also explained on your emailed ticket. If there is any change in pick up point, you will be informed by our team via email, text, or call.

Not all stops have our official signage yet due to legal restrictions. However, we will clearly state where the stop is located on the Routes page on our website and the ticket you receive in the confirmation email. 


All our buses are also labelled with the ONEXBUS logo. Our office will inform you if there are any third-party vehicles arranged for pickup.

ONEXBUS reserves the right to assign vehicle(s) based on the number of reservations for a specific trip. We mobilize Highway Coach buses, or 15-Passenger Minibuses based on the demand for a specific trip.

The cancellation policy for tickets is based on the type of fare purchased. ONEXBUS offers two types of fares: Flex and Premium.

Flex Fares

  • Refunds: Not permitted.
  • Ticket Changes: Not permitted.
  • We suggest not choosing this ticket class unless your travel plans are firm. 

Premium Fares

  • Refunds: Full refund is available a minimum of twelve (12) hours prior to scheduled departure. A $5 administration fee is applied for refunds. Alternatively, ONEXBUS vouchers are available free of the administration fee.
  • Ticket Changes: Permitted a minimum of three (3) hours prior to the scheduled departure. If the new ticket’s fare is of higher value, the customer shall pay the difference between the fares. If the new fare is of lesser value, the original ticket can be refunded and a new ticket purchased at the new fare. In that case, a $5 administration fee applies.
  • If a passenger misses the scheduled departure, their ticket is void. They are required to purchase a new ticket in order to travel. Refund or exchange requests received after scheduled date and time of travel will not be processed.
  • Refunds and exchanges are only applicable for tickets purchased from ONEXBUS website or our Call Center. Tickets issued by resellers or third-party vendors are subject to the respective seller’s terms and conditions. All questions are to be addressed to the respective seller.

Flex Fare Ticket:

  • No Refunds.
  • No exchanges.

Premium Fare Ticket: 

  • Rescheduling can be done by following the link on the electronic ticket email. Alternatively, you can request the modification by emailing us at support@onexbus.ca or contacting our call center.
  • Cancellation requests shall be made through our Call Center only.
  • Exchange and cancellation requests shall be processed in accordance with the Refund and Exchange Policy terms above.
  • Ticket refund requests must be received by our call center a minimum of twelve (12) hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
  • Exchange/rescheduling requests must be received a minimum of three (3) hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
  • Refunds are processed within five (5) business days after the receipt of your request.
  • Refunds and exchanges are only applicable for tickets purchased from ONEXBUS website or our Call Center. Tickets issued by resellers or third-party vendors are subject to the respective seller’s terms and conditions. All questions are to be addressed to the respective seller.

Buses are expected to depart at the scheduled time. If there is a serious delay at the scheduled time, you will be informed via text, email, or phone.


To ensure you don’t miss the bus, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time. Please note that if you miss your bus, the ticket is not refundable or transferable to a future trip. You must purchase a new ticket.

We closely monitor all our vehicle movements, and inform our passengers via text, email, or call if there is a service disruption provided the contact information you share while purchasing the ticket is correct.


The stop locations are clearly indicated on your ticket, on the Routes page on this website, and you can always contact our Call Center to inquire about the location if you are confused about the stop location.


If there is a ticket purchase made for a specific stop, our service will always make the stop to pick you up. Please note that you MUST be at the correct stop location, at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.


Therefore, we do not entertain any claim in the lines of ‘I was at the bus stop, but the bus didn’t show-up’.

No, you don’t need the printed ticket at all. We try to make the ONEXBUS experience easy and convenient. You can simply show the electronic ticket that was emailed to you at the time of booking. Our driver will scan the QR code on your ticket, and you’re ready to go.

One child under the age of two (2) can ride for free if the child is sitting on the accompanying adult’s lap. If the child requires a seat, then a separate ticket must be purchased. We also offer discounted fares for children aged two (2) to ten (10).


Please visit the “Application of Fares” section under our Service Agreement for details.

If you need to travel with a support person, they can ride with you for free. To do so, you should buy your ticket online on ONEXBUS Website for both and contact the office by email or phone to reimburse the support person’s fare back. Please note that this privilege is only applicable for the purchases on onexbus.com and not applicable for tickets purchased on third-party online ticketing platforms.


We also welcome service animals that assist customers with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities when travelling on our buses.


As per the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, we encourage customers to travel with documentation supporting their needs in the event it is requested.

As long as you meet our Pet Policy stated under our Service Agreement, you can take your furry friend with you on ONEXBUS trips. 

You may see the baggage allowance details and what you can bring with you in the Baggage Policy section under our Service Agreement.

Please send us an email to support@onexbus.ca with all the details of your lost item along with your trip (name, booking reference, and contact number) details. If found, we will update you within 24-48 hours. You can also reach out via our customer service line at +1 (647) 477-5500.


If needed, we can provide you with courier service for the found item, and all associated courier costs plus C$25+tax will be charged and must be paid in advance through a Credit Card.

We are working on an online bus tracking system, and soon you will be able to see where your bus is in real time. Until then, feel free to contact our call center at +1 (647) 477-5500 to learn where your bus is.

Your feedback is always welcomed whether it is a suggestion that will help us improve our services or a complaint about your experience with us. You can provide your feedback by filling out the form on our Customer Feedback page.

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